Our cuisine pays attention to the freshness of the ingredients. 

We try to use ingredients from local suppliers and farmers. When creating recipes, we also draw from 100 years old books and try to include the experience of our ancestors into today's demands with the help of modern technological adaptations. We do not want to only feed you, but we want to create a pleasant atmosphere so that you leave us with a great feeling and a good mood.

We do not forget about a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the cuisine, we bring you a wide range of drinks from our beverage bar, with our home-made lemonade or wine from the producer from Rakvice in South Moravia.

The coffee lovers will surely enjoy freshly roasted coffee from the Gallery Coffee.

You can also enjoy spirits and many other quality drinks from our offer.

We hope you will like and enjoy the meals and drinks from our offer. Your smile is our joy and reward for what we do for you with love and enthusiasm.